• Easy Forex Review

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    Easy Forex Review

    Easy Forex Review
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    Is eToro a Good Broker?
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    Markets.com- The Difference

Forex trading

Welcome to the Best Forex Trading platform reviews!

There are various Forex trading platforms now in the market. Each one of them has a unique feature or property that makes it different from the rest. However, most of them have the basic function of reporting which has also been offered and displayed differently. It’s from these unique differentiations that I will review so that you can be able to make an informed decision as you purchase. I will also try to bring out the movers and losers in the market so that so that when you pay, you know exactly what you are paying for.

I am a trader and I personally use Etoro after numerous hullabaloos running helter-skelter trying to find my best fit. I have actually used and tested countless number of platforms but most of them do not always suit my taste. They usually lack one feature or the other.

I will start with what I have used, eToro and subsequently move to the rest that I have tested and also some I haven’t but have been reviewed by reputable organization and personalities.

Basic Functionality of the Best Forex Trading Platform

  • Tight spread on all major currency pairs with cutting-edge trading technology
  • Quick execution with unlimited transaction amount
  • Constant margin requirements in all volatile market condition
  • No slippages and no requites-Multiple real-time charts and other technical analysis based predictions with visual representation

Etoro is one of the leading and most dependable Forex platform. This is an electronic trading platform that not only supports Forex but also stock indices and commodities. Etoro is basically a social investment network which has its base in Cyprus. It provides online financial trading for Forex. The major object of Etoro does not include being a financial broker; rather its main goal is to introduce its customers to third party brokers indirectly.

Etoro not only finds the right broker for Forex. But it also makes sure that it is beneficial for you financially and economically, ensuring maximum profit and minimum loss for the customer. Etoro also aims at making complex Forex business simpler and more understandable. Etoro basically introduces one to the world of forex. It is the best forex trading platform for beginners who have no idea about how to handle their finances through Forex. It makes the costumer not only understand forex but also helps them in implementing it in an effective manner.

The main feature which makes Etoro unique and simple is the fact that it is easy to understand. With the help of visual aid i.e. videos, Etoro has made the Forex experience less confusing. It makes its users visualize the whole Forex trading process and thus users actually learn how to use Forex to their advantage. Etoro believes in the theory that simple is just better and that is what it is trying to do with forex; simplifying it.

Etoro has numerous tools which help in making the whole Forex trading easier for the currency traders. One of the tools is the community platform which allows the trades to chat. This helps and in exchange of ideas, thus creating a more relaxed environment for the first timers. Also the visual aid used makes the whole Forex trading of currencies as a series of games and thus making it an interesting experience.

In the beginning Etoro was a download only product with a visual depiction of the whole currency trading process but later on it was developed into a full fledge professional trader’s application that is “Expert Mode” . A web based trading platform was also launched by the name of “WebTrader”. Both of these products were very successful following the basic belief of the company that simpler is better. With the success of this idea, Etoro launched the “CopyTrader” feature in its “OpenBook” community platform. This was done somewhere in 2011. Not only did Etoro flourish after this but on top of that it became an appealing choice for all those who wanted to enter the world of Forex trading.

With the help of the new features; that CopyTrader and OpenBook users are automatically able to view, follow and copy the network’s top traders without any hassle. Since its first break in 2007 the company’s profit graph is in a smooth ascend. Thus showing that it is not only user friendly but also has the ability to make clear cut profits in order to ensure a better future for itself and its users.

eToro Official Site

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